Miami Springs Real Estate Information

Miami Springs is a southern Florida city that is in Miami-Dade County. James Bright and “The Father of Naval Aviation,” Glen H. Curtiss, founded the city and called it Country Club Estates. The founding was during the 1920’s Florida land boom. Ambiance and culture are reflected through the Pueblo Revival style architecture of the city. Until the mid 1990’s, a spring located in the city served a major portion of Miami with water, thus the name of the city was changed to Miami Springs in 1926.

The estimated population of Miami Springs was just over 12,600 in 2007. This is a decrease of over 1000 people since the year 2000.

Miami Springs covers 3 square miles of land and 1.3% of the city is covered in water. In the past many riches were brought into the city through the crew members of airline bases and airport employment opportunities. The collapse of two major airlines in 1991 has shown the vulnerability of the city to the sometimes volatile airline industry.

Glen Curtiss, city founder built his Pueblo Revival style home in the city. Unfortunately, two fires have gutted the mansion. Arson is suspected in each of the fires. Talks are continuing about the possibility of restoring the mansion.

One of the oldest buildings in Miami Springs is now the Fair Haven Nursing Home. Originally built as a hotel in the preferred Pueblo Revival style, the building also served as a John Henry Kellogg style sanitarium. There are several private and public educational institutions in Miami Springs. Two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school are all part of the Miami-Dade County School System and located in Miami Springs.

The native language of over 65% of the residents of Miami Springs today is Spanish. Almost one third of the residents are of Cuban descent.