Miami-Dade County Communities

Miami-Dade County, often referred to as “Dade County”, and many times simply known as Miami or Dade, is the county located in the southeastern side of the state of Florida.

United States Census Bureau estimates that county population as over 2.4 million people in the year 2006. Miami, thus is most populous and famous county in the Florida, and in the U.S., the eight most populous. The county seat is city of the Miami.
Miami is a popular resort. Retirees flock to Miami for the winter to escape the snow and chills of their home.

When you are ready to eat, there are many exciting choices. No matter what food or taste you’re craving, you can find it in this city. Since people from many cultures have migrated to Miami, they have brought flavors and spices from their homeland. These flavors influence menus across the city. Whatever cuisine you desire can be found in Miami. Many world class chefs chose to live in Miami, and visitors will be rewarded by their choice.

The greater Miami area has miles and miles of the beaches beckoning the sun seekers. Water sports of almost any variety are available in Miami. Miami has nearby many parks luring nature the lovers to discover fascinating variety, the flora and fauna.

Of course, Miami is only place in the United States with so many attractions. With two national parks, the Everglades National Park is untamed the ecosystem unlike any other on the earth, while the Biscayne National Park is only living the tropical reef within continental United States.

The Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and southerly location of Miami guarantees many days of beautiful weather. Sunshine is always on hand and the beaches always beacon you to come to Miami.