Kendall Real Estate Information

Southwest of Miami in Miami-Dade County Florida, is the suburban community of Kendall. Kendall is not an incorporated city, yet has a population of over 75,000 people. One of the largest populations of Cuban Americas in Florida lives in Kendall. Certain neighborhoods in Kendall are over 60% Columbian.

Seminole Native Americans were the first residents of Kendall. Having never surrendered to the U.S., the Florida Seminoles remain an ”Unconquered People.”

Much of the property that comprises modern day Kendall was sold to the Florida Land and Mortgage Company by the State of Florida in the year 1883. In the 1900’s Henry Kendall, one of the company’s directors came to the area as manager of the land. The area was named for Kendall. Since other land in the area was open to homesteading, this Kendall developed at a slower pace than those lands. The first post office was started in 1914. The first school began in 1929. In 1926, the land boom ended and several residents moved elsewhere.

The weather in Kendall is like much of southern Florida. Summers may see highs in the 90’s and nighttime lows in the 70’s. Winter nights may drop to the 50’s and have highs in the 70’s. The record high is 98 and record low is 29. From May to September, during the rainy season there may be as much as 9-12 inches of rain per month.

About 1/3 households in Kendall have children under 18 in them, with 1/4 of the population being under 18. Approximately half of the residents have the first language of Spanish.
Students in Kendall are served by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Kendall covers 16.3 square miles. Just over one percent of the land is covered with water.