Homestead Real Estate Information

Homestead is a city in Florida. It’s located in between Everglades’s National Park, which is west, and the Biscayne National park towards its east. Homestead is the second oldest city in Florida next to the city of Miami. The name Homestead finds its origin from the time when the Florida East coast Railway extension to Key West was under construction.

One among the hottest tourist sites in homestead is a mysterious castle, which is called the Coral Castle, a man named Jilted Lover built this monument; some other noteworthy tourist hotspots are The Fruit and Spice Park.

Homestead practically became a household name when Hurricane Andrew hit. It was a category five hurricane which caused the loss of many lives and property. It was because of Hurricane Andrew that this city came to be recognized and “placed on the map”.

The city of Miami serves this city with media service like the local television and radio. Homestead has its very own newspaper, which is known as the South Dade News Leader. It is a really old daily paper that has been serving the locality for almost a century!

The many points of interest in this city are as follows. The Everglades Alligator Farm is a really cool place to check out for an animal lover. Other events and places of interest include the action packed Homestead rodeo, the Monkey Jungle and Turkey Point Nuclear Generation Station. The education system in the country is pretty decent and the city comes under the Miami – Dade county public schools district.

Homestead is zoned to many elementary and middle schools. Homestead is also the home for numerous (K-8) charter schools. The Leisure City Elementary/Middle, Keys Gate Charter School and Waterstone Charter Schools, are the charter schools housed by this city. The city is also the home for the Miami-Dade College.