Doral Real Estate Information

Situated in north-central Miami-Dade County, Doral is a suburban community in the Miami, Florida metropolitan area. The Miami International Airport is just east of Doral. A spa and golf resort is located in the City of Doral. This resort, The Doral Golf Resort and Spa, is the origin of the city name. Husband and wife builders of the resort, Alfred and Doris Kaskel combined their first names to coin the name Doral.

In 2003, the city, along with Miami Gardens, was incorporated. The population of the city is just under 38,000 citizens according to United States Census estimates.

There are a large number of business, financial institutions and shops in Doral for a city this size. Many Exporters and Importers find their home here. This is due to the nearness to the Miami Airport.

The city has over 13 1/2 square miles of land. Of that, over 3.5% is covered in water. Since bus service did not cover the interior portions of Doral, the city has started the Doral Trolley. The trolley has stops in most neighborhoods of the city as well as schools, retail and business locations. The Dade County Public Schools serve all of Doral. There is one elementary school, two K-8 centers, one middle school and one high school in Doral. There are also two charter schools that serve the area. Two universities are also located in Doral, Miami Dade College-West Campus and Carlos Albzu University. Doral had depended upon the Miami-Dade Police Department for protection until they formed their own police department June 2, 2008. In just under a year has caused traffic to noticeably slow down and follow speed limits. Almost 75% of the population claim Spanish as a first language. Sixteen percent speak English as their first language.