Coconut Grove Real Estate Information

Coconut Grove is one of the neighborhoods found in Miami, Florida. The area is bounded on the east by Biscayne Bay and the West by LeJune Road. The southern boundary is Bickell Avenue and the northern is North Prospect Avenue. The Grove, as it is often referred to by locals is about 13 feet above sea level, which is one of the higher elevations in Miami.

Settlers first came to the area in 1825, with the building of a lighthouse. It was not until 1873 that large numbers of settlers, both American and British came to the area. Sailors and craftsmen from the Bahamas brought their families to the area in the 1880’s. A hotel, the Bay View Inn, later called the Peacock Inn, was built in Coconut Grove in 1882. This was the first hotel on the mainland of south Florida. The property on which the hotel was built is now known as Peacock Park.

For many years Coconut Grove was a city in its own right, however, in 1925, Miami annexed it into the larger city. There are many restaurants located in Coconut Grove. These restaurants have a large variety of foods. Also very popular in the area are the many open air cafes. While in Coconut Grove, do not forget the many opportunities for shopping in either the indoor or open air malls. At night, The Grove transform into a party center attended by university students and young professionals.

The Barnacle Historic State park is located in Coconut grove. Ralph Middleton Monroe built a home near Biscayne Bay in the late 1800’s that is one of the oldest in the entire county. Around the home is located a hardwood hammock forest. This is the last forest of this kind in the area.