Broward County Communities

Broward County is among the best counties in Florida, with a population of 1,623,018 as calculated in 2000. It has been ranked as the number 2 county in terms of population for the state. Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County. Of all the counties in the United States, Broward County ranks number 16 in population. This marks quite a change from its beginning as an agricultural center.

The South Florida Metropolitan area is made up of three counties, including this County. The county was established in 1915 and its namesake is former Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, who was elected in 1905 and whose term ended in 1909. The county is made up of land that was formerly portions of Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Broward County has many attractions for tourists coming to the County. Located in Ft. Lauderdale is The Museum of Science and Discovery. Located in Diana Beach you will find the Hall of Fame for Sport Fishing. The Flamingo Gardens, a botanical and wildlife garden is also lovely to visit. If you are looking for a large shopping mall try Sawgrass Mills. A festival Flea Market is found in Pompano Beach. The scenic places in Broward County attract tourists from all over the world for their natural beauty

The charter of Broward County offers a separation between the legislative and administrative functions of government and the legislative branch of Broward County is the Board of Commissioners. The district elects nine members for the County Commission. The Commissioner must be a resident of the district and election is campaigned each year for a Mayor and vice Mayor.